NewCommer Bot

Requirements for setting NewCommer up

- Manage Webhooks (For welcoming)
- Manage Nicknames (For auto nickname)
- Manage Roles (For auto role)

Permission that you must have:
- Manage Server (MANAGE_GUILD)

- channel (setchannel)
- webhook username & avatar (-newcommer config (avatar) (username))
- Welcome or Leave Message (wmessage or lmessage)

I'm getting this pfp on welcoming, what is it?

When you get this pfp, it's a sign that you inputted an incorrect image URL on '-newcommer config', this is a default pfp created so that welcoming works even without an image

I did all that, still doesn't work, what to do?

Check for these things:
- There are more than 10 webhooks in the server (must be less than 10 as this is a discord limit)
- You put more than 32 characters on webhook username (32 is max as this is a discord limit)
- The bot is not offline (it could be possible the bot timed out trying to get the newly joined/left member)
- You don't have two-factor authentication enabled (this prevents the bot from creating webhook, honestly don't use this garbage)

And after all that, if it's still not working, you can try to join our support server to get help