Commands - NewCommer Bot

The prefix is -newcommer or @NewCommer
Hint: you can configure the bot using the dashboard too
Information & Basic commands

Name Description Usage Example
help Show list of commands -newcommer help none
winfo Shows the configuration you made to the server -newcommer winfo none
info Shows some quick information about the bot -newcommer info none
bugreport Report a bug in the bot to the owner(s) -newcommer bugreport (reason) -newcommer bugreport fix people's iq please
suggest Suggest an idea to the owner -newcommer suggest (idea) -newcommer suggest make auto-roles work for multiple roles
rate Give a rating to the bot (ratings are submitted to the server) -newcommer rate (1-6) (comment) -newcommer rate 3 I really like it, but coulda been better.


Name Description Usage Example
block Prevents someone from using the bot (Requires ADMINISTRATOR permission) -newcommer block (usermention) -newcommer block @RaZeFeiXX#8200
unblock Give someone permission to use the bot again (Requires ADMINISTRATOR permission) -newcommer unblock (usermention) -newcommer unblock @RaZeFeiXX#8200

View Message Options for message replacing

Name Description Usage Example
setchannel Configure the welcome/leave channel -newcommer setchannel (channelmention) -newcommer setchannel #general
config Configure the webhook -newcommer config (imageURL) (username of webhook) -newcommer config Cool Car
wmessage Configure the welcome message (used for when people join) -newcommer wmessage (message) -newcommer wmessage {{user}} hey what's up, welcome!
lmessage Configure the leave message (used for when people leave) -newcommer lmessage (message) -newcommer lmessage {{user_username}} has left... :cry: how sad it is
autorole Configure the role to give to newly joined member -newcommer autorole (rolename or mention) -newcommer autorole Member
autonick Configure the nickname to give to the newly joined member -newcommer autonick (nickname) -newcommer autonick FaZe_{{u}}

Delete Configuration

Name Description Usage Example
delchannel Deletes the channel where messages will be sent (usefull for deactivating) -newcommer delchannel (channelmention) -newcommer delchannel #general
rautonick Deletes the auto nickname you configured -newcommer rautonick none
delw Deletes the welcome message you configured -newcommer delw none
delle Deletes the leave message you configured -newcommer delle none
rautorole Deletes the auto-role you configured -newcommer rautorole none


Name Description Usage Example
nickadd Add a custom command which gives the user nickname -newcommer nickadd (command name) (nickname) -newcommer nickadd faze FaZe_{{u}}
nickdelete Remove a custom nickname command -newcommer nickdelete (command name) (nickname) -newcommer nickdelete faze FaZe_{{u}}
listnicknames Shows all custom nickname commands on the server -newcommer listnicknames none
- Execute a nickname command -(nickname) -faze