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NewCommer, A webhook-welcoming bot with customizable avatar & username!

So far, 341 servers are using NewCommer!

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What is NewCommer?

NewCommer is a welcoming bot, with customizable avatar & username of your choice!

Why NewCommer?

Have you ever been interested in having a welcoming bot, but with custom avatar and username?
Well if you did, then this bot is for you, if not, go ahead and stop reading and leave this page.

What can NewCommer do other than welcoming?
It cannot do much, but we also have a custom auto role on join, custom nickname on join and add nickname custom commands

How does NewCommer work?
Simple, when the bot is configured for your server (check requirements to see what you need to setup) it will create a webook with username and avatar as the configuration you made when someone joins/leaves the server. (The bot will delete the webhook once the message was sent, permanent webhooks were removed to save disk usage)


24/7 Hosting: Yes

Custom Avatar & Username: Yes

Auto Roles on join: Yes, Maximum 1

Auto Nickname on join: Yes, with options

Message Options: Yes

Number of channels for welcoming: 1, both welcome & leave messages are sent on the same channel

Extra features: 1, Custom nickname commands

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